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Our most vital ingredient:
outstanding quality

Pirker Lebkuchen are entirely unique in that they still contain 50% pure honey today. In combination with the very best ingredients and selected spices, this makes for an unrivalled taste experience.

Our quality promises

Our quality promises


We only use real honey,
which is not diluted or processed in any way.


We use only fresh Austrian eggs from barn-raised hens.


Our flour, including organic spelt flour,
is supplied by the best traditional Austrian mills.


Our fruit preserves are made from Austrian fruit.
We buy candied fruit from a trader
that used to supply our grandfather.


Only real spices go into our Lebkuchen - no extracts or flavourings.

Nothing else

Our Lebkuchen fillings are free from palm oil
as are our chocolate and our nougat spreads.

We do not use artificial preservatives
as are our chocolate and our nougat spreads.

Please note: preservatives are added to some of our fruit and cream fillings, to ensure they last as long as the Lebkuchen itself.

Pirker Pirker Pirker

A true natural wonder:
genuine, pure, unadulterated honey

Fragrance and flavour elements, vitamins, trace elements, enzymes, minerals, acids, essential oils and up to 22 different sugars including fructose and glucose, as well as antibiotic agents and proteins: honey contains all of these, making it a true natural wonder. The fact that it not only tastes good but also offers numerous advantages when it comes to Lebkuchen baking makes us especially happy. It is a preservative, makes the dough moist and soft, and is a natural colouring. The 50% honey content in our Lebkuchen dough means we can completely avoid the use of artificial preservatives, other chemical additives and stabilisers.


The spice mix is the key

Fine spices from all over the world are responsible for the exquisite flavour of Pirker Lebkuchen. It goes without saying that we only use genuine spices and no extracts or flavourings – providing a wonderful taste as well as offering health benefits. Cinnamon, for instance, contains extraordinary amounts of the minerals potassium, calcium, manganese, iron, zinc and magnesium, as well as vitamin A. Ginger, meanwhile, contains more than 160 substances. You can find out more about the healing properties of our spices in an overview here.
Overview here.

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