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Handcraftsmanship und Tradition

Handcraftsmanship that you can see,
smell and taste!

Lebkuchen making, candle making and mead making are among the oldest crafts of all, and have a long tradition in our family. The techniques and basic recipes used to make our specialities have been preserved over the decades and are never changed.

The high art of Lebkuchen baking

Lebkuchen bakers are true artists who take joy in creating something unique – and incomparably delicious – using the wonderful natural ingredient of honey. Each Lebkuchen is a one-off – individually coated, filled, glazed and decorated by hand.

Pirker Pirker Pirker

For the hungry faithful

It is easy to explain why the profession of Lebkuchen, mead and candle maker was primarily practised at pilgrimage sites. Pilgrims, who had often been walking for days, not only needed hospitality at their destination, but also required provisions for the difficult journey home. Lebkuchen were ideal for this purpose: due to the high honey content, they are excellent sources of energy as well as long-lasting. And while some honey was used to make this delicacy, the rest was used to make honey wine. And there was a use for the beeswax too – to make candles for the pilgrims’ church visits.

Unique in Europe

Our family business is unique. It is the only business in which the three crafts of Lebkuchen baking, mead making and candle making are still practised and taught together today. We are very proud of maintaining this tradition.


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